Anonymous said: Very pretty girls!

Thank you doll! x

y0-boho said: Mikaylae Marcus girl is gorgeous!

Yes, she really is :)x

Anonymous said: post more pictures of bella and amber xxxx

I would love to hun but the girls running the blog at the moment don’t have them on Facebook, the only photos we can get of them are off Michaela’s :)xx

secret-eroticaus said: Hey there ladies! You all are extremely attractive ;)

Thank you :)

Anonymous said: How many followerd do you have?

1+ heheĀ 

hotest-bitches said: YAAAL SAA SEXAAY!

Fanks cutie!

Anonymous said: Your blog is amazing and all you girls are absolutely stunning. x

Aw thanks doll, mean a lot :)x

Anonymous said: I was going through my blog and I forgot that I didn't tell you how much I love that photo of the girl with the pink alcohol bottle! Who is she? x

It’s cunts-rolling-blunts cousin Alanna she doesn’t have a tumblr though, so I’ll make sure to tell her you like the photo. Means a lot :)x

Anonymous said: you guys are amazing! you should post more asian's though!

awwww thanks babe! yeah we’ll get on it, did you seen the ones we posted a while back? x

Anonymous said: why don't you put any decent asian chicks?

We only post photos of people we’re are really close with and have their permission, but I’ll ask around, and post some for you :)x

Anonymous said: whats kylas blog

links are on the home page :)

Anonymous said: love this. you are so nice (L)

Aww thanks hun :)x